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LG Tone Free

LG Tone Free
LG Tone Free
Brand: LG
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Pricena Review for LG Tone Free

After the release of Apple AirPods, a lot of headset makers are trying to come up with an alternative including LG. The company has recently unveiled a bunch of wearables, wireless audio gadgets and one of them is the LG TONE Free earphone. This one comes with wireless earbuds that can be easily charged when it’s stored in the neckband which comes as a companion. To learn more about this headset including the LG Tone Free Dubai price, keep reading.

Go Completely Wireless with Wireless Earbuds

LG didn’t take much time to release completely wireless earbuds to compete with the Apple AirPods. The earbuds are quite small in size but not as small as the AirPods. There are no major changes in LG Tone Free Price Dubaidesign compared to other headsets in the Tone series like the LG Tone Platinum and LG Tone Infinim. However, this time the neckband is working as a dock which can be used for storing the earbuds and charging them as well for extending battery life. As the earbuds are quite small in size, it’s really easy to lose them which is why this dock for storing the earbuds is definitely a nice addition to have.

Charge the Earbuds Easily

Storing the earbuds in the dock is really easy. Moreover, there is a carrying case that you can use as well which will charge the earbuds faster than the neckband. Users get battery power and a place to store with the band. The earbuds offer only 3 hours of battery life after a full charge but it can be easily extended as it can be recharged using both the neckband the carrying case. There is the LG HBS910 and LG HBS770 which are slightly less expensive compared to the LG Tone Free Dubai price. These are already available at the moment so you don’t have to wait for the LG Tone LG Tone Free Dubai PriceFree release date UAE.

Voice Control Support

One of the negative things about the LG Tone Free is that there is no physical control included in the neckband or the earbuds. This might be a deal breaker for some people. However, the LG Tone Free does support voice control which can give users control over ignoring and receiving calls. The neckband can also alert you when there is an incoming call by vibrating which means you don’t have to wear those all time. Users don’t have to wear the neckband if they don’t want to but we will be able to learn more after the LG Tone Free release date UAE.

LG Tone Free Dubai Price

The LG Tone Free is quite an expensive wireless headset and is more expensive than the AirPods. It will cost around 800 AED or SAR (~1600 EGP) when it’s here. The LG Tone Free release date UAE is expected sometimes in March, 2017.

Things we loved about the LG Tone Free:

  • Works with both Android and iOS devices
  • Supports voice control for answering or ignoring calls
  • The neck band can be used for charging the earbuds

Things we didn’t like about the earbuds:

  • Not so pocket friendly price tag
  • No controls on the body

Product Description
  • The tone free Headphones & Earphone is manufactured by LG and was added around March 2017 and is part of the LG Tone Free series.

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