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02 Jul 2023
I have been encountering numerous technical problems with Amazon, and this lack of professionalism is highly frustrating. Initially, my order was automatically cancelled, and then I faced difficulties logging into my account for a whole day due to prolonged delays in receiving the OTP. As a result, I was unable to access my account. Furthermore, when it came time to deliver my order, I couldn't proceed because the OTP for delivery was entered incorrectly twice. Unfortunately, there was no customer service option available to reset the number of attempts.
08 Dec 2022
The orders gets cancelled from sellers last minute on the day it should be arriving. The customer service lies and promises they will make sure the item gets delivered and then it still doesn't arrive and the supervisor of the team can't do anything except say the driver couldn't find your location so gave up instead and refund the order
27 Sep 2022
I buy deture instant smile they deduct payment and still I cannot receive almost 27 days left
Almost 27 days left but I didn't receive my order
07 Nov 2021
Home appliances and Toys
I am never disappointed with their service. I buy almost everything from Amazon.
08 Sep 2021
BenQ SW321C 32” 4K IPS Photo & Video Editing Monitor
PRODUCT NOT DELIVERED NO REFUND GIVEN I placed an order for BenQ SW321C 32” 4K IPS Photo & Video Editing Monitor on Amazon.ae Order no 405-9060620-04XXXXX on 18-08-2021. While placing the Order it said order now Free delivery on e.g. 18 Aug 2021. You click BUY and it changes to free delivery in (6 to 9 business days) and we will notify you by mail when we have an estimated delivery date for this item, second option pay AED 2000 delivery on 18 Aug 2021. Whereas first page is promising delivery on a specified date.  عرض أقل
13 Jul 2021
Plano 1312 Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box, Orange
The product is not honored by Amazon AE since its from Amazon US and they just post products available to UAE consumers to increase their profile. In reality they will never deliver and its not available. I bought it AED 55 , they keep delaying the delivery date , eventually they force you to cancel the item or they will do after 30 days . Initially the item is never available , when I call customer service they asked me to cancel and place a new order but with a price five times more AED 262. I can't trust anymore Amazon AE for  عرض أقل
26 Aug 2020
Samsung Galaxy Buds
Have a wide range of selection
02 Aug 2020
I ordered a grey jeans via amazon with order number 402-2969762-4605915 which was suppose to be delivered on 2nd August,2020. The deliver guy calls me and asks me to come to some place 1 min aways and upon asking the reason he says he can't pay for tbe parking ticket. I reminded him that durind eid the parking fee is expempted and then he begain saying he cant come to my flat. Since I am not feeling well i denied and he had they audacity to say that he wont come to my place and barged  عرض أقل
03 Jun 2020
The most terrible experience and customer service I have faced! My delivery was supposed to arrive today and for some reasons it was delayed. I called the customer service to understand why is the delay and when will I eventually get it: 1- first call disaster the person was not understanding my request and ended up hanging up 2- i called a second time the lady said she can do nothing for me and all she can do is to contacf the seller, which i already did myself through the app 3- third personne seemed a bit helpful then put  عرض أقل
28 Oct 2019
Skin care creams and serums
Found very good deals on skin care products that my friend recommended. I went to MOE but they were expensive.
30 Sep 2019
Philips PowerLife Steam Iron
I got a very good iron at a good price, so far it is working well.
30 Jul 2019
amazon prime membership is worth it, very fast and reliable service
12 Apr 2019
Maturity Pillow
Today is 12 of April. Me and my wife ordered maturity pillow on 6 of April. After that we didn't receive any calls, so we decided to check our profile, it is still written that order is Out of delivery and delivery will be during 9th and 11th of April. We called customer service and informed that our order is mysteriously CANCELED. However, how I said before WE DIDN'T RECEIVE ANY CALL from on these days and we just recommend to wait until money will be backed and make again the new order. I do not understand how  عرض أقل
19 Mar 2019
ordered at night and received it the next day. very fast delivery when the seller is dod_uae
09 Jan 2019
always on time and very reliable
28 Dec 2018
Found batteries that i couldn't find in supermarkets
23 Dec 2018
dell xps 13 9360 laptop
DONT BUY - FRAUD SELLERS Dont buy from souq.com There are a lot of FRAUD SELLERS on this site. I have ordered dell xps 13 9360 and they delivered dell xps 13 9350 It is an older version and there is a huge price difference also. Everywhere it was written model 9360 but the actual laptop was 9350 and I knew it from "windows about menu" TOTAL FRAUD. 99% of the customers wont realize they are being cheated. DO NOT BUY FROM this fraud website.
17 Dec 2018
perfumes, watches, bracelets
Honestly I was a souq.com loyal customer and this had change the last week due to the worst experience ever. My family and I have spend more than 5000 aed on all sort of items, that being said we had many issues. One of them was the wrong delievered items. The items we wanted were apparently out of stock but not mention on the website and they didn t even call us to let us know or ask what we want to do. What they did is that from their side they did put other articles telling us that  عرض أقل
05 Dec 2018
wall climbing car
It's the second time I buy the wall climbing car from souq. You usually see it in the malls, but it was cheaper on souq, my nephew loves it, he broke his first car so i bought another one.
04 Dec 2018
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Mobile
They never delivery on time and also will not keep the customer know about it if there is a delay. Also when you call them up to know the status, they don't know anything about the status apart from what we can see in the app / website. They simply give a generic / standard response saying that the delay is due to the "High Demand" !! Poor planning on stocking & delivery and they make the customer struggle. This is my 3rd order and I'm suffering without any update from them and my very 1st order itself was cancelled due to  عرض أقل
01 Dec 2018
kids snacks
good price for baby snacks, delivered on time
26 Nov 2018
Getting the items faster than expected, within 1 or 2 days.
22 Nov 2018
Apple Watch series 4
Ordered Apple Watch on Tuesday for it Thursday with the cheapest price plus 75 aed off , genuine and sealed product
19 Nov 2018
sparkling water
I would recommend it, they have good prices for groceries
09 Oct 2018
kitchen tools and clothes
I ordered multiple items, they cancelled 2 of them and refunded the money immediately as they were out of stock from the supplier. The rest of the items were delivered on time the next day
09 Oct 2018
plush toys
I bought peppa pig plush toys for my daugher and niece, they arrived on time
07 Oct 2018
fast delivery and good quality
27 Sep 2018
mobile tv musical equipment gym equipment clothing sports shoes foods and daily using things almost i buy from souq
I am souq regularly customer since 2013 to still now overall it is very nice online shopping for me I like return and refund policy
25 Aug 2018
Items worth 3000AED and cancelled all of my accounts
I would give them less than 1 star if possible, as they are the worst service I’ve ever crossed by, they are unprofessional company which lead me to cancel all my orders and delete all my accounts off.. will never deal with them again.. and will not recommend to anyone to do so!
08 Aug 2018
Smart TV
FAKE warranty!!!!!!! I bought a 75" TV over a promotion from Souq, the item was under one year warranty, after turning on the TV I have found a blue thin vertical like along the screen, which I have immediately reported to souq, customer care center!!! the team advise me that I have to return the item and get a refund, but wait !!!!!!!!!! 1- the item is under warranty 2- Souq has no replacement policy ??? who knows the policy ?? 3- I bought the item on promotion which is no longer valid, all of the above means I WILL LOSE !!!! for over  عرض أقل
05 Aug 2018
beauty products
always a good experience with souq, reliable and customer service are good
04 Aug 2018
I found a really nice helmet for 50 AED, they sell the same helmet in the mall for 280 AED!!! Thank you pricena :)
27 Jul 2018
Xiaomi Mi A1 Dual Sim - 32GB, 4GB RAM, 4G LTE, Gold - International Version Xiaomi Mi A1 Dual Sim - 32GB, 4GB RAM, 4G LTE, Gold - International Version
prompt delivery and genuine product
03 Jul 2018
We ordered the item and cancelled the item very next day. However, Aramex courier delivered the item within few days. Since then for last 3 weeks we are after Aramex and souq.com to come and collect the item. But nobody came till now. Aramex is waiting to know who would bear the cost for courier for returning the item. Even though we ordered the item from souq.com (a 100% subsidiary company of Amazon), the item came from Amazon USA store. So, the item has to be sent to USA, and neither Amazon USA nor souq.com is informing  عرض أقل
09 Jun 2018
Monoprice XLR to 1/4" cables
The cable delivered are from different brand with lower quality. The items were delivered after my complaints but still the item is still shown as Monoprice cable and was not corrected. Souq should have forced the seller to correct the description or ban the seller. Souq used to be very good with customers. I am glad that there are many alternatives now so bye bye Souq.
14 Mar 2018
I used to until I stopped......but before I did, 2 phones, 2 Casio watches.......
These guys charge cash on delivery for every product you order even when it's going to be delivered as a single order, what a joke!!! I always ended up cancelling the orders on second thought even when I needed the stuff.
22 Feb 2018
Harry Potter books
Placed the order on Friday and Received it on Saturday! Impressive!
18 Feb 2018
10000 mAH qi compatible power bank
They give me the wrong color of an item
18 Jan 2018
very fast delivery received the item the next day
05 Dec 2017
Souq.com tries to be an Amazon but they are miles away from them. They can not commit to their delivery dates and the website is useless regarding accurate information about the delivery. After waiting 9 days for a delivery, which is already unacceptable, today was the scheduled delivery date and the item didn’t arrive. The website shows the order is “shipped” and will be delivered “today” but it never did. After calling the customer support, I was told they are too busy processing their White Friday orders. Fair enough... but the logistics process is simply a failure. A  عرض أقل
05 Dec 2017
Floor cleaning product
I cannot find this product in stores, but i found it on souq
09 Nov 2017
Xiaomi Mi Max 2
Souq.com is best in every way comparing with other online stores
30 Aug 2017
little tikes trike
I bought a little tikes trike for my daughter, she loves it!
15 Aug 2017
Gillette blades
Ordered Gillette shaving blades Arrived on time as usual
30 Jul 2017
baby products
my order arrived earlier than expected :)
28 Jun 2017
last week I have ordered 9 items at once (I bought this items as gifts for my friends as am going for vacation),it took them 07 days to deliver 04 items only (I spent the last 02 days calling them to follow up on the delivery time), the last time I called them,they promised me that they will make sure that I receive the pending items by the evening which didn't happened. Now I will go back home empty handed because the 1005 Dirhams I spent and 07 days of waiting is not enough for Souq.com  عرض أقل
23 Jun 2017
whiteboard cleaner
Great service from Souq gor the order on time as described
14 Jun 2017
if you are paying additional Aed 20 then you will get your delivery on time with a friendly gesture from the delivery executive. otherwise it would be delivered from the worst delivering or courier services( Qexpress ). who are arrogant and high attitude showing delivery boy and they will return the good as soon as if we try to show our attitude and cancel the order also. I highly recommend not to use souq.com if you don't want to be disappointed.
07 Jun 2017
tefal kitchen scale
Ordered a tefal kitchen scale got it in two days great service from Souq
06 Jun 2017
I was a regular costumer with Souq, however; the last 2 orders where the worst experience, one order I canceled because after 5 days I called because no update and they told me that the seller don't have the item in stock and my money will be returned after 1 week, so I order again which was expensive and the delivery to Abu Dhabi will take 1 week, I will not but from them again
19 May 2017
good experience, the products arrived in time
23 Mar 2017
HP 312A LaserJet Toner Cartridge, Black [CF380A]
i ordered 2 pieces HP 312A LaserJet Toner Cartridge, It was mentioned that it is original, but when I received them they are duplicate - not original. When I called souq they said they will send the courier to collect the items from me and refund me the money. But already for around 40 nobody came to collect. What is the solution?? Very bad service and fake products.
20 Mar 2017
I had purchased a camera as per there mail it should have delivered on 19th march But if i call and ask for the update they are giving the same answer person will contact me and give the delivery date... Funny part is they are not able to give me any date till now... Bank has detected the cash but till now the item has not arrived.
08 Jan 2017
I did order and the money deducted, but no order was issued and no tracking number. I couldn't find my order any where. It was only credit transactions but no order
02 Dec 2016
low price
They responded too late for White Friday. 6 days late. But the product was delivered, thank you.
27 Nov 2016
i placed an order with souq then wanted to change the address of delivery the process was very painful, i called souq and the shipping company multiple times, they asked me to place a new order for the new address as i cannot change the delivery address. I placed a new order and asked to cancel the old one, they still delivered the old order even after multiple confirmations that it is canceled!
24 Sep 2016
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge metal case shell ..
cover is very nice i like it.
04 Sep 2016
Dell Monitor
Very well packaged,fast shipping, will buy again.
23 Aug 2016
i purchased MACbook pro at souq.com, there prices were very cheap with wonderful service, i will recommend to buy with souq.com
23 Jun 2016
iPhone 6S
bought from many items good market
13 Jun 2016
many items
I have just noticed souq.com has 2,5 rating on pricena ,this is absolutely ridiculous as i have used a LOT of worst websites that have better rates in pricena. I guess this is just the law of unsatisfied clients that will bother to write bad stuff , but the satisfied ones will just move on and not recognize who tries their best. I would like to recognize these guys efforts on improving. I have used Souq.com 3 years ago and was not impressed with the service as they took 15 days to deliver the item at the time  عرض أقل
07 Mar 2016
Seagate hard drive
They advertise the Seagate 4TB Backup Plus Fast portable hard drive (and write that on the bill) but deliver the 4TB Backup Plus hard drive from Seagate, That happened now the second time to me. That seems to be not accidentally. Most customers will not realize the difference.
24 Feb 2016
This is my second replacement battery for my phone. The battery came wrapped in bubble wrap and not even in a box. The battery doesn't last long as the previous one, so it wasn't a good purchase. But Souq service itself was ok
24 Feb 2016
Souq.com the BEST is trustworthy.. just lacking good customer support + should offer Coupons with quick & FREE DELIVERY across UAE.
31 Dec 2015
3 stars because they charge 12 AED for delivery and another 4 AED for choosing cash on delivery.
21 Nov 2015
Minicell Universal Power Bank 50000 mAh
The battery pack was ordered and been in use since then. The battery states it has a capacity of 50,000 mah and it still says the same in specs – this means it should charge a Samsung Galaxy S5 atleast 10 times. Instead wen you charge the phone once the percentage of battery drops to 76%....this shows it can only charge 4 times which is not as per the 50,000 mah capacity. On 2nd charge the battery percentage comes near 50%.....however when you try to charge the phone 3rd time the percentage suddenly drops to 0% without  عرض أقل
27 Oct 2015
Iphone 6 plus
Bought an iphone 6 plus from Souq.com and the deal got cancelled because seller was not able to fulfil his promise despite he was highly rated. Worse thing is that he simply ignored the reply to my complaint and the frequent calls made by the shipping company. Will never buy from the seller "rahimjindani" again. Hope action is taken by Souq.com on such sellers. Note: The shipping company of Souq.com (Q-Express) staff were extremely helpful and prompt in updating me on the status.
05 Sep 2015
gopro hero
Got email from Souq next day saying order was dispatched, but then it took over 5 days to get a call from the courrier, was expecting a faster delivery. Overall it was ok.
26 May 2015
I purchased a laptop but when it arrived, it was a different laptop from the one shown in the pictures. I returned it and got fully refunded
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