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Apple Watch Series 5

by Apple

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Review for Apple Watch Series 5

Apple has officially announced a date for a media event and rumors about a new Apple Watch is surfacing faster than ever. The New Apple Watch 5 is rumored to show up at the event alongside the upcoming iPhones which includes the Apple iPhone 11. To find out about the new features and the Apple Watch 5 Dubai price, continue reading.

Titanium and Ceramic Models

Although there won’t be any major change in the display or design, there will be two new premium models to look forward to: Titanium and Ceramic. We have already seen Apple Watches in Ceramic models but this is the first time Apple will be introducing Titanium models. If we remember the price of the Apple Apple Watch 5 Price DubaiWatch 3 ceramic model, it’s easy to guess that the Apple Watch 5 Dubai price for those models will be really high. Apple didn’t offer a Ceramic model for its Apple Watch Series 4 so it will be interesting to see what they have done this time. As for the display or design, it is rumored to be the same which means an OLED display with thin bezels. We will have to wait for the official announcement or Apple Watch 5 release date UAE to learn more details.

New Health Focused Features

One of the features that many people are hoping to see in the upcoming Apple Watch 5 is the sleep tracking feature. Smartwatches like Nokia/Withings Steel HR and Fitbit Versa is capable of doing it including many other smartwatches so it’s definitely possible that the upcoming Apple Watch 5 will include this feature. However, there are also rumors about blood-pressure and glucose monitoring which seems a bit too much. Moreover, Apple didn’t submit a request for any kind of clearance like they did when they introduced the ECG feature in it’s Apple Watch 4 so it’s highly unlikely. We won’t have to wait too much to clear this mystery as the Apple Watch 5 release date UAE is almost here.

More FreedomApple Watch 5 Dubai Price

Thanks to the upcoming WatchOS 6, users will be able to enjoy more freedom when using the Apple Watch 5. People will be able to install apps directly using the Apple Watch’s dedicated app store instead of depending on their iPhone. There will be new apps on the store and users will be able to get over-the-air updates as well that can be downloaded directly. We are also hoping to see the new S5 chip and W4 wireless chip under the hood but we don’t know yet how these new specs will benefit the users.

Apple Watch 5 Dubai Price

The Apple Watch 5 will be available for about AED 1500 and higher depending on the version you choose. As for the Apple Watch 5 release date UAE, it should be here after the September 10, 2019 event.

Things we loved about the Apple Watch 5:

  • Attractive display with thin bezels
  • New WatchOS 6 features
  • New luxurious premium models

Things we didn’t like about the smartwatch:

  • No major change in design
  • Not so noteworthy upgrades in the battery life and processor
  • The Titanium edition will be really expensive

Price Insights for Apple Watch Series 5

Cheapest price for Apple Watch Series 5 in Dubai, UAE is AED 1879 sold at technoor
No major price change compared to two weeks ago
Product price in Dubai, UAE has remained at AED 1879 same as when it was added on pricena on 2020-02-24