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Fitbit Surge Fitness Super Watch, Blue, Small - FB501BUS
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Review for Fitbit Surge

Fitbit is mostly known for their wireless activity tracker and fitness trackers and recently, they released three new products. One of these latest product is the Fitbit Surge. It’s titled as the super watch which means it’s more than just a fitness tracker unlike their other devices. If you are eager to learn more about the Fitbit Surge release date in Dubai or it price, continue reading.

Designed for Multi-sport and All-day Wear

The Fitbit Surge can track and record your cardio workouts, record running and cross training and then can show you a summary of your comprehensive workout which includes workout intensity, tailored metrics and the amount of calories you have burned. If you were thinking about getting a fitness tracker, you can definitely checking out the Fitbit Surge in fitbit surge release date UAEUAE when it’s available. Even if it’s a part smartwatch, it sure has to offer a lot as a fitness tracker. Its built-in GPS allows you to check the pace, distance and elevation climbed using the super watch.

Multiple Activity Tracking Features

The superwatch can help users to track their calories burned, heart rate, steps taken, floors climbed, distance traveled and active minutes which means it will work as a complete fitness coach. This is not a lot if you are looking for a smartwatch but if you are really willing to take care of your health, you can think buying one when the Fitbit Surge in Dubai becomes available. It can also check your heart rate automatically with its “PurePulse” heart rate monitoring without using any uncomfortable chest straps.

Sleek and Comfortable Wristband

Users can wear this superwatch all-day without facing any problems because of its attractive yet comfortable design. The watch faces are customizable and you can look for three different colors when looking for the Fitbit Surge in Dubai: slate, black and tangerine. As the part smartwatch and part fitness tracker can show you text and call notifications and allows you to control music, you can think about wearing the device all-day comfortably.

Fitbit Surge Release Date in Dubai

We don’t have any official release date or price info at the moment but if we look at the company’s product launching history, we can see that they like releasing their activity trackers in September/October. So we are expecting to see the upcoming superwatch from Fitbit in early fitbit surge price in DubaiNovember or next week. Once the device is officially revealed, we can expect to see the Fitbit Surge price in Dubai and release date info soon. It will cost $249 according to one of the recent report and we have to wait for a while to learn about the Fitbit Surge price in UAE.

Things we loved about the upcoming device:

  • Sleek and comfortable design with support for wireless syncing
  • Smart notifications feature for checking text and call notifications
  • Supports sharing and competing with friends and family in Fitbit challenges

Things that might turn into a deal breaker for the upcoming superwatch if the leaked info and rumors are real:

  • Slightly expensive if you think of it as a fitness band
  • Offers very limited features if you think of it as a smartwatch
  • There are only three colors to choose from

That’s all we have learned about the device so far. The Fitbit Surge Dubai price will be equivalent to $ AED 900 . Considering the features and the price tag, it’s a must have for serious runners if you don’t have any problem with its bulky-ness.

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Cheapest price for Fitbit Surge in Dubai, UAE is AED 499
No major price change compared to two weeks ago
Price has decreased 48% from AED 959 on 2017-07-02 to AED 499 today.

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