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Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit Price in Dubai, UAE

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro, Fitness Band Large Strap, Smartphone Fitness Accessory, Universal, for Most Smartphones with Android OS iOS, Black
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Review for Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

The new Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit is one of the most futuristic and spy like devices available to the public. Who ever thought they would find a way to make a watch that can be used just like a phone? That is unless you’re a secret agent. At first, it almost seemed too good to be true, but after actually seeing this technology in person and testing it out for a while, the smartwatch truly is worth purchasing and every penny spent. It’s enjoyable and extremely convenient to have something that can read my heartbeat, play music, talk to friends, and check up on what is going on with social media.

Screengalaxy gear fit

For such a small device, the writing on the screen is crisp and clear which makes it easy to read without squinting and straining your eyes. The color and contrast is also equally impressive. Even when the sun is shining and you would expect a difficulty viewing the screen, new technology reduces the glare and creates an ease of use. Due to the fact that it is a watch on your wrist, the screen is a tad small but that’s better than it being too big and gaudy. It’s the perfect size for something you would want to wear on your arm, sporting a curved AMOLED touchscreen display measuring 1.84” in length.


The Samsung Gear Fit has the capability to connect with social media sites and provide updates and notifications promptly. One great thing about this is the software in the phone lets you select which notifications you want to receive on the Gear Fit. This eliminates excess notifications as well as anything you don’t need to hear about immediately. There is also the option for you decide if you would like the screen to turn on when you receive a notification.

Text messages and emails

When receiving a text message it is really easy to read and easy to reply. You would think with the screen being on the small side that it would be harder to reply and read texts but it really is not and that’s what makes it so useful. When it comes to emailing it is a little harder to read compared to text messages. On the bright side, if it is too hard for you to read you can select show on device and the phone will show it on the screen immediately.


It is surprising hearing how loud the speakers get when looking at something so small. You can move to the pervious or next song and set the volume. The only downfall is not being able to see the song name that is playing as well as the album art.

The Bottom Line

The Samsung galaxy gear fit is overall a great value. What better way to be able to exercise while keeping track of your heart rate and having a coach on there pushing you through the exercise. It is nice having a watch that is just like a phone and not oversized for all it can do.


  • Small and convenient
  • Adjustable notifications
  • Clear text
  • Exercise coach/hear rate tracker.


  • Steep price
  • Emails can be difficult to read

Availability of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

The new Samsung galaxy gear fit first became available in Dubai around early 2014. This particular version is black in color. Currently, there is only one store that offers the Samsung galaxy gear fit but the best price for the Samsung galaxy gear fit in Dubai, UAE is AED 700 sold at Axiomtelecom.

Price Insights for Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

Cheapest price for Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit in Dubai, UAE is AED 709 sold at LetsTango
No major price change compared to two weeks ago
Product price in Dubai, UAE has remained at AED 709 same as when it was added on pricena on 2017-09-12

Ratings for Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit

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