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07 Jan 2020
nespresso capsules
by Fadiqa
Fast delivery and great price
18 Nov 2019
by niki
I recently bought 3 items from Sprii. According to the website they were supposed to arrive 2-4 days after ordering. Despite the fact that two of the items got delivered much later than 2-4 days. 11 days after ordering Sprii emailed me saying one of the items will be refunded because its out of stock! I called their customer service 2 time to talk to their manager but the manager did not even bother calling me. If the product is out of stock why was it visible on the website? If the product is out of stock why  read more
17 May 2019
Diapers, baby cup and feeding spoon
by Pricena user
The order did not arrived, it was very clear it would be shipped from 2 to 4 business days. Called the customer service and it shows my order is cancel for some reason. I didn't cancel and it was already paid. I can't believe no one informed me before, until I called them 5 days later to ask about my order. Still waiting to find out what happened and now going to another shop to find the products as my baby needs to be able to take the food and I am back to work. Won't recommend  read more
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Sprii General Info

Delivery Info
Shipping Info
Free Shipping with No Extra Charge

Contact Information
Office 101, Tower BB1, Mazaya Business Avenue, JLT, Dubai, UAE
[email protected]
Other Notes
Free Shipping on All Orders! Cash on Delivery with Zero Extra Charge Available!

Sprii Return & Warranty Policies

Are returns permitted? What are the conditions and time limit?

Customers can return all items on the site. All returns need to be in their original packaging and returned within 14 days. Returns must be within 14 days.

Will I be refunded or given a store credit to buy something else from Sprii?

Returns are refunded as credit.

If I return the item, who pays for shipping the item back? Are there any other fees I need to pay to return the item?

Return shipping charges are paid by the customer, unless the product is faulty and then Sprii covers the shipping charges.

How long will it take for me to get my refund from Sprii?

As soon as the item is received back, Sprii will credit the refund within 48 hours.

More info: https://www.sprii.com/shipping-and-returns/

What malfunctions or product problems do Sprii warranties cover?

Warranty information is on the item description.

If there is something wrong in the product which is under warrantee, how long will it take Sprii to pick it up, fix it and deliver it back?

Warranty information is on the item description.

Who pays for shipping back and re-delivering the item?

Sprii will cover these shipping charges if the item is faulty.

Can I return a product that has a malfunction and get my money back?


If an item I ordered turned out to be malfunctioning and Sprii doesn’t have any other in stock to replace it, what happens then?

The customer will receive a full refund for the item.

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