iphone 6s vs iphone 6

Should you upgrade to iPhone 6S?

The Apple iPhone 6S is officially here and the first question that might come to your mind is whether you should upgrade to the new iPhone or wait for the next update. While the answer to this question is debatable, if you are using iPhone 5S or older iPhones, it’s definitely time to get the new iPhone. For those who are using the iPhone 6, they can take their decision by learning about all the new features that are not available in the iPhone 6 which we will discuss right here.


There is almost no change in the design of the iPhone 6S if you compare it with its predecessor. There is a new color called Rose Gold which upgrade to iphone 6s or notis new after Gold, Silver and Space Gray color. When you pick up the new iPhone 6S, you will notice a difference in weight. The new iPhone is slightly heavier and also thicker than its predecessor. These are the only visible changes that you might notice. However, there is a change in material as well. According to Apple, the latest iPhone is made of 7000 Series aluminum. This material is also used in the aerospace industry and is a much needed change after the bendgate problem that some of the iPhone 6 users faced earlier. So, for those who were planning to buy the new iPhone just to get a change in design, it will be a good idea to wait for the iPhone 7.

Display and the new 3D Touch Feature

If we talk about the new iPhone 6S’s display resolution-wise, there is no change there at all. When most of the phones are switching to QHD and 1080p resolution, it’s really disappointing to see iPhone 6S stuck with the old 1334 x 750 pixels resolution and 326ppi of pixel density. However, it’s the new 3D Touch feature that works as a game changer here. iphone 6s vs iphone 6While the new 3D Touch feature only works with some of the apps right now, it will definitely change the way we use iPhones once the feature starts working with all the apps. The 3D Touch offers a new way to use our iPhones and gives us shortcut ways to open mails, links, pictures or other stuff right from an app without opening a new window or app which is called peek and pop feature.

There are also some quick actions options that you will see after pressing harder on an app icon. For example, you can start playing music without opening the Music app or find the recently contacted person without going to call log. It’s that simple! Moreover, it’s not available in other smartphones yet which makes it a game changer. If you want to make your smartphone using experience easier and faster, this 3D Touch option is definitely worth checking out.


Another notable upgrade in the iPhone 6S over the iPhone 6 is its new 12-megapixel iSight camera and 5-megapixel selfie camera. While the rear camera of the iPhone 6 was doing a fine job, it was the 1.2-megapixel front camera that definitely needed an upgraded in the age of selfies and better front cameras. When using the 5-megapixel front camera, the display turns into Retina flash and will work as a flash to help you take better images in low light. Some of the competitors of the iPhone 6S when it comes to camera are: Samsung Galaxy S6 and LG G4.

The 12-megapixel rear camera also offers noticeable change over the old camera of iPhone 6 and captures sharper and clearer images. The iphone 6s vs iphone 6iPhone 6S still doesn’t include Optical Image Stabilization which is only available in the iPhone 6S Plus camera. Users are able to capture more detailed images and better images in low-light conditions as well. That’s not all as users can now record 4K videos using the 12-megapixel camera. However, if you intend to capture 4K videos a lot, make sure you go for the 64 or 128GB option as 4K videos are massive in size.

Another new feature related to the camera is called Live Photo. When you capture images using Live mode, the camera will record a few seconds before and after you are taking a photo to make it look live. For now, only iOS 9 users can see these images and share it with each other. It will record audio as well which means you are just capturing a small video of that moment. While it’s not really a great or notable feature, it’s nice feature to have if you loved watching those moving images in Harry Potter.

New Processor and Battery Life

As the rumors suggested earlier, the new iPhone 6S packs Apple A9 processor under the hood paired with 2GB of RAM. It’s another upgrade that was much required as most of the Android phones are going for 3GB or even 4GB RAM to offer better multitasking and smooth user experience. According to Apple, the phone will work 30% faster than its predecessor and the difference is quite visible when you are playing power hungry games. The Touch ID sensor also works faster now and detects your fingerprint more accurately.

While all these changes might make you think that it will affect the battery life, it really doesn’t. The iPhone 6S offers almost the same battery life like its predecessor and there is a new Low Power Mode option available as well. This power saving mode will turn of all the unnecessary functions if required and will keep only the important features on to extend the battery life. These are the major changes that will help you to decide whether you should upgrade to the iPhone 6S or not.

Final Verdict

If you have been waiting for a better front camera, better rear camera or better processing power or just want to try the new 3D Touch feature, it’s definitely a good idea to go for the iPhone 6S. Just make sure you get the 64GB of 128GB version if you can afford it as filling the 16GB version is very easy. However, if you just got the latest Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + or Samsung Galaxy Note 5, you can think about waiting for the iPhone 7 and skip this one.

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