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Apple iPhone XS vs Apple iPhone XS Max vs Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Now that all the big flagships from Samsung and Apple is officially here, it’s time to check out which one is leading in which area. Here, we will be comparing the new Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. These phones are quite expensive compared to the other flagships out in the market so we will help you decide which one will get you your money’s worth.


It’s safe to say all the phones in this category will grab your attention with its marvelous design. There is not much to compare between the iPhone XS vs iPhone XS Max as these phones are just different in size when it comes to its design. The true comparison here will be between the Galaxy Note 9 and iPhone XS Max. These phones are quite big and heavy but the iPhone XS Max is slightly thinner between the two although the difference is only 0.04-inches. Both the phone comes with glass back and requires using a back cover as these phones are quite the fingerprint magnet. People who are familiar with the design of their predecessors: the iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will see quite a lot of similarities. However, the iPhone XS and XS Max comes with a gold color stainless steel edge which is not something we have seen in older iPhones.

galaxy note 9 vs iphone xs max

There were some issues about the placement of the fingerprint sensor on the Samsung Galaxy Note8 but it has been resolved in the latest Galaxy Note 9. Both the phones look quite pleasing on both front and back side. In the end, it all comes down to whether you like that top notch or not. A lot of people are not a fan of that notch covering a part of the display and this is where the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will work as a better option. You can get this phone in colors like lavender purple, ocean blue and metallic copper while the iPhones are available in the familiar gold, space gray and silver colors. However, the way Apple managed to get rid of that tiny bezel at the bottom of the display and offer a better screen-to-body ratio is not something you will get in a lot of the smartphones offering edge-to-edge display. All the phones here come with IP68 rating which means improved dust and water resistance. While the Galaxy Note 9 is packing a fingerprint sensor, all the latest iPhones are not offering any fingerprint sensor. As the presence of a notch matters to a lot of people, it will definitely depend on the user.

Winner: It’s a draw.


As mentioned earlier, the iPhone XS Max is just a bigger version of the iPhone XS at least when it comes to the outer part and same goes here for the display. Between the iPhone XS Max and Samsung Galaxy Note 9, there are some notable differences. The iPhone XS Max offers a slightly bigger 6.5-inch display in a smaller body but the Galaxy Note 9 offers higher resolution which is 2960 x 1440 pixels resolution and 516ppi of pixel density instead of 2688 x 1242 pixels resolution and 458ppi of pixel density. Both the phones look great thanks to Super AMOLED display and users get super vibrant colors and always-on display in Samsung Galaxy Note 9. However, iPhone’s true-tone display with 120Hz touch-sensing makes things a little bit smoother. You get the same features in the iPhone XS but in a smaller 5.8-inch screen showing 2436 x 1125 pixels resolution and 458ppi of pixel density.

iphone max vs note 9

Users get more control over Samsung’s display but Apple’s phones offer slightly better color accuracy. Just like the design, it’s difficult to call one of the phones a winner here but the Galaxy Note 9’s display is slightly ahead with the edge display and vivid colors.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


Both the Apple iPhone XS and XS Max offers the same camera settings so we will be comparing the Galaxy Note 9 with the iPhone XS Max here. Compared to their predecessors, there are no major changes megapixel-wise. However, Apple phones got a new sensor with bigger pixels, Smart HDR and auto focus that should offer better performance in low light situations. On the other hand, Samsung mostly focused on software features like AI enhancement although the existing camera comes with dual-aperture which is still unique in a phone. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users will get a wider f/1.5 aperture while iPhone XS Max users get f/1.8 aperture.

There is no clear result in this department either as the Galaxy Note 9 offers better pictures when it comes to low light conditions. However, capturing a portrait or natural colors in pictures is a different story. Users get a pair of 12-megapixel cameras on the back of all these phones, one wide angle lens and one telephoto lens. As for the video, users get to record short 720p videos at 960fps which is not something you will get in the latest iPhones. You will be able to capture 1080p videos at 240fps but that’s about it. As for the selfie camera, there is nothing too surprising in any of these phones. Samsung was previously known for beautifying selfie shots but looks like Apple is secretly following the same path in the latest two phones. If you want your phone to capture pictures with more detail, natural colors and an overall better result, the latest iPhones are slightly ahead of the Galaxy Note 9

Winner: Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.


note 9 vs iphone xs

This comparison is slightly difficult to do as it’s almost comparing apples and oranges. Apple device users who are used to the iOS eco-system would love what the latest iPhones has to offer in iOS 12. This new update is not only good for the latest iPhones but also made some of the old iPhones faster as well. Same goes for Samsung users as the company tried to minimize the number of built-in apps and offer a slightly smoother performance with Android 8.1 Oreo operating system compared to their previous phones. Performance matters here as well and Apple’s new A12 Bionic chip will make sure users enjoy a silky smooth performance. Samsung also brought their A game with Exynos 9810 Octa or Qualcomm SDM845 Snapdragon 845 processor and it’s definitely not as laggy as it’s predecessors. That being said, users will notice some difference when editing videos on these phones or applying real-time filters that the iPhone will be slightly ahead of the two.

Winner: Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.

Unique Features

This is where we will learn about the features between the new iPhones and Samsung Galaxy Note 9 that makes these phones different from one another. With the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9, users get S-Pen which comes with a set of its own features, microSD card slot which is missing in the iPhones, fingerprint sensor which is also missing, a 3.5mm headphone jack, Quick Charge 2.0 with a fast charger included with the phone, Samsung DeX which allows you to enjoy a desktop like experience by just connecting the phone with a monitor and a big 4000mAh battery.

On the other hand, both the iPhones offer 3D Touch display, 120Hz touch-sensing, quad-LED dual-tone flash, super-fast Face ID, True Depth camera and Animoji. While the Galaxy Note 9 does include a similar feature like Animoji (AR Emoji), it’s not as smooth or natural as the one we get in the latest iPhones. This is also a draw as entirely different features and it will mostly depend on the user to choose their preferred set of features.

Winner: It’s a draw.


There was a time when most of the expensive flagships used to cost around USD 700-800 but not more than that. However, Apple changed that with the release of the iPhone X and now there are multiple phones around USD 1000. This is where Samsung is leading by offering a bigger screen, more storage and bigger battery at USD 1000 where Apple is asking for USD 1099 for the iPhone XS Max. However, if you are ready to settle with the smaller iPhone XS, you can get this phone for USD 999. There is the cheaper iPhone XR if you want the same A12 Bionic processor in a cheaper phone.

Winner: Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

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