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For most people, mobiles are becoming the center of their universe. Whether they want to capture a picture and use their cell phones as a cameras , navigate their way using GPS, play music or just use as a phone or messaging device, a cell phone offers all these things and more. So it’s important that we buy the right accessories for our mobile and tablet. Here, we have gathered some tips and tricks to help you find the right mobile and tablet accessories in Dubai.
Choosing the Right Accessory
When buying tablet or mobile accessories in Dubai, the first thing you should know is the device’s model number. Different mobile accessories are designed for different gadgets so it’s really important. When buying cases, make sure it feels easy to hold. A case with raised bezel and multiple layer can keep your phone safe physically while a texturized silicone strip can give you a good grip while texting. It’s important that you choose the one that fulfills your needs. When buying accessories to protect your phone or buying screen protectors , think about what you are protecting your tablet or mobile from. If you are worried about dropping it, go for some heavy cases that offers shock absorption. If your concern is dirt or water, there are some waterproof cases available as well.

Go for the protectors that offer dust, water, dirt and shock protection. Some of the cases features a fingerprint scanner which can add an extra layer of security. If you want to take your mobile photography to the next level, there are lens kit available for mobiles as well. Another useful mobile accessories in Dubai to look for is portable power house that can recharge both your tablet and mobile. These are available in different shapes and sizes, so make sure you choose the one that suits your needs. Following these tips can help you to find the right mobile accessories in UAE.
Comparing Prices
The price of mobile and tablet accessories in Dubai mostly differs because of the brand, material, features and even colors. To help you find the best deal, we offer here a way to compare prices of mobile and tablet accessories in Dubai from different stores.

Category details on pricena
The Mobile & Tablets Accessories category on pricena has more than 78212 products and 644 brands ,sold by 54 Stores. The prices of Mobile & Tablets Accessories in Dubai, UAE range from AED 1 to AED 9992. The most popular brands are Apple, Classic, Zte, Samsung, X-Cell. You can refine the search results of Mobile & Tablets Accessories products by using advanced filters by brand, price range, store, .. The most popular Mobile & Tablets Accessories products on pricena are Apple MJ5G2 38mm Link Bracelet, Morecard Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Sim, Neecoo Bluetooth 4.0 Dual Sim, Earhoox 2.0 - for Apple, ZTE Axon 7 Unlocked Smartphone,64GB. By comparing prices before you buy, you can achieve Average savings in this category of AED 11 and up to AED 50.
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