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Microsoft Surface 3

by Microsoft

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Review for Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft Surface 3

Microsoft has recently released an impressive hybrid tablet line-up with insane build quality and top of the line components. On their first attempt at a hybrid tablet, the reception was luke warm but thanks to some additional research and feedback from customers, Microsoft has made some adjustments and come back even stronger. At first glance, it’s obvious that the build quality as well as performance are impressive but all the extra effort put into color-calibrating the display is beyond what anyone could have expected. Even in sunlight and real-world uses, the display is clear and crisp and performs excellently.


Microsoft has gone one step further when it comes to sharpness, subpixel, accuracy and color gamut reproduction. The Surface 3 has the most accurate on-screen colors of any display we’ve ever seen in all digital cameras, HDTV’s, computers and smartphones. The viewing angles of the 12” display have high performance LCD colors which show very little color shifts in viewing angles. Whether you’re looking head on, or from either side, the screen looks the same with vibrant colors and no distortion so it is easy to share media with friends and family. The 2160x1440 Super AMOLED 12” display boasts as being one of the best and most accurate displays available on any mobile platform and OS.

One of the better design improvements of the new Surface 3 is the multi-angled kickstand. This new designed hinge is sturdy and provides a 22 to 150 degree viewing angle which creates an ease of use, especially in laptop mode both on flat surfaces or just on your lap.surface pro3

Laptop mode is one of the best design features this tablet offers. This transforms the Surface 3 into a whole new device just by adding a keyboard. Unfortunately the keyboard does not come standard with the device which makes it an extra cost. There is only one keyboard that is compatible with the device which has back-lit style keys and an improved clickable multitouch touchpad. Due to the style of the keyboard, the Windows touch-button has been moved from the bottom bezel to the right-hand bezel.


If there’s one thing that Microsoft has always seemed to excel at, it’s the quality hardware they use in all their devices. They consistently release products with top of the line quality and design especially compared to the cost. As time goes on, the overall usability of the Windows 8 platform will only increase and become more optimized.

There are two different sizes of internal storage available including 256 GB and 64 GB which are both great options. Having this much internal memory will greatly increase the speed and agility of the tablet and maximize the overall usage of the device. The Surface 3 is powered by a Core i5 processor along with 4 GB of Ram and 128 GB SSD.

The Bottom Line

The Surface 3 has many enhancements over previous models that the cost is actually reasonable. The Surface 3 Dubai price could come close to AED 5000 which would definitely make a dent in your budget but also be worth every penny. The Windows 8.1 component is a big plus as it’s very flexible as a tablet as well as being a laptop. The only downsides would be that the device does not come standard with a keyboard which would make sense since Microsoft claims it’s the tablet that will replace your laptop.


  • Tablet that Doubles as a Laptop
  • Display


  • Price
  • No Keyboard

Price Insights for Microsoft Surface 3

Cheapest price for Microsoft Surface 3 in Dubai, UAE is AED 463
No major price change compared to two weeks ago