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Wireless Controller For Xbox One Xbox One S
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Microsoft Xbox 360 500GB
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Wireless Controller S2V-00013 Xbox ONE
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Wireless Controller S2V-00013 for Xbox One
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Microsoft Xbox One 1 TB White
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Xbox One 500GB White Console Forza Horizon 3 Bundle with 3 Months Live Gold Membership
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XBOX One Without Kinect
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Review for Microsoft Xbox One

There was a time when gaming consoles were only designed for playing games and there were no other features to look for. However, those days are gone by and nowadays, gaming consoles offer a complete entertainment package with options to watch movies, TV shows, live TV and enjoy music and sports too. One of the perfect example of such console is the Xbox One. Continue reading to learn more about the Xbox One Dubai price and specs.

All-new Gaming Experience

Like most of the gaming consoles, the Xbox One is just a big chunk of plastic available in two different colors: white or black. Its dimension is 333mm x 78mmm x 276mm which makes the console slightly fat than the Sony PlayStation 4. However, it’s the gaming that matters. If you compare its graphics with the PS4, the Xbox One offers slightly less details, but it’s only noticeable when you play them side by side. Moreover, Microsoft has managed to secure a large number of Xbox exclusive games and exclusive contents for popular games like Call of Duty. If you are a fan of xbox one uae pricethe Forza series or Halo, you can definitely think about trying this console after learning the Xbox One UAE price.

Improved Game Controller

The Xbox One’s controller is quite comfortable to hold and feels quite solid. Microsoft completely redesigned the d-pad included on the Xbox 360 controller which is quite an improvement. The controller requires AA batteries which lasts for about 20-25 hours of use. The analog sticks are also easy to move now and includes a deeper curve at the top part than its predecessor. If you are also planning to buy Kinect with a bundle when buying the Xbox One in UAE, it’s important that you know that the Kinect is not completely polished yet. It doesn’t understand some commands often and is only going to work as just a camera-microphone device sometimes.

Complete Entertainment Package

With a wide collection of streaming apps, media player apps and video conferencing service as well, the Xbox One offers an all-in-one entertainment system. Some notable streaming apps are: YouTube, HBO Go, FX Now and TED. You can play almost any media file you want using the media player app and make video calls using Skype. The Xbox One includes AMD x86 8-core CPU clocked at 1.75GHz, 8GB of 2133MHz DDR3 RAM, and 32MB ESRAM under the hood to provide smooth gaming experience. However, PS4 offers slightly smoother xbox one uaegameplay than the Xbox One if you compare them side by side. But if you are looking for a complete entertainment system, you can also think about trying the Microsoft console and learn the Xbox One UAE price.

Xbox One Dubai Price

The Xbox One price starts from $399 and the Xbox One bundled with Kinect costs more than $500. The Xbox One Dubai price is slightly more than the USD price tag, starting from AED 1700 .

Things we loved about the Xbox One:

  • Great and easy-to-use controller
  • Top-notch graphics
  • Synced game-saves and some streaming apps doesn’t require Xbox Live Gold anymore

Things we didn’t love about the Microsoft gaming console:

  • Kinect’s live TV integration needs improvement
  • PS4 offers comparatively better performance
  • Kinect’s live TV integration feature can be disturbing sometimes

The PS4 is definitely the best gaming console available at the moment. However, if you like the list of exclusive games Microsoft has to offer and want an all-in-one entertainment system as well, the Xbox One is worth checking out.

Description for Microsoft Xbox One

  • The xbox one Xbox One Console is manufactured by Microsoft and was added around January 2017 and is part of the Microsoft Xbox One series.
  • This version of the Xbox One Console comes in Color : Blue , Storage : 1 TB.
  • The model comes in 13 other variations including combination of Black, White, Gold, Blue Color , 500 GB, 1 TB Hard Disk , 3.5 mm Millimiters , 1.7 GHZ Processor Speed GHZ , 8 GB RAM , 60 HZ Refresh Rate , 1 TB, 500 GB, 320 GB Storage.

Video Reviews for Microsoft Xbox One

Guy is Tricked Into Thinking Original XBOX is an XBOX One

Guy is Tricked Into Thinking Original XBOX is an XBOX One

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