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08 Mar 2021
hair products
by Fadiqa
Ordered hair products worth less than 50 Aed and they provided free delivery in 2 days
14 Feb 2021
by Jumper
Bought a gadget online and they did not deliver. Called everyday for follow up and they told me to wait for 10days where in the online it shows 3-4days delivery and the agent said 3-4days for them not for me to received the item from supplier and they will arrange the delivery. Huh? Ok I waited and after 10 days still no delivery. They deducted full amount on my card and I asked for refund, reference has been provided but they say it will take 20days. Days past by but my order still shows 'Processing' where I requested  read more
24 Dec 2020
Apple Watch
by Pricena user
It has been ONE MONTH since I am trying to cancel order which Carrefour was not able to deliver because it’s out of stock. They told me that is OUT OF STOCK and CAN NOT BE DELIVERED only after I called them to check when I should expect delivery, 5 days after the order was made. It has been one month and the order is not cancelled nor I got my money back. Called them 10 times so far and customer service is not helpful, every time they said they are going to cancel it and proceed with the  read more
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