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08 Mar 2021
hair products
Ordered hair products worth less than 50 Aed and they provided free delivery in 2 days
14 Feb 2021
Bought a gadget online and they did not deliver. Called everyday for follow up and they told me to wait for 10days where in the online it shows 3-4days delivery and the agent said 3-4days for them not for me to received the item from supplier and they will arrange the delivery. Huh? Ok I waited and after 10 days still no delivery. They deducted full amount on my card and I asked for refund, reference has been provided but they say it will take 20days. Days past by but my order still shows 'Processing' where I requested  read more
24 Dec 2020
Apple Watch
It has been ONE MONTH since I am trying to cancel order which Carrefour was not able to deliver because it’s out of stock. They told me that is OUT OF STOCK and CAN NOT BE DELIVERED only after I called them to check when I should expect delivery, 5 days after the order was made. It has been one month and the order is not cancelled nor I got my money back. Called them 10 times so far and customer service is not helpful, every time they said they are going to cancel it and proceed with the  read more
23 Dec 2020
Samsung Note 9
I have purchased one phone one month ago. It was clearly mentioned its a new phone, with warranty and UAE VERSION When I got the item was a refurbished phone. It was not a new phone. I tracked the imei with Samsung, Original warranty expired 2 years ago. It was not a UAE version. Its from outside country as well. All the accessories are copy, not original. The sellers are frouds. They are from Used phone marked from Deira Dubai. I have already returned the item. Still I did not received my Refund. I can identify which one is original  read more
19 Nov 2020
I have pre ordered 10 PS5’s on the website where it was showcasing. I already paid for all of them and I was supposed to receive it today but when I had called they told me that there is no stock anymore. I couldn’t speak to the manager nor make a complain anymore. Even a compensation was not an option. It seems like they have handpicked who they want to give it to first and who should wait longer. I find this incredibly unprofessional and not acceptable because I have paid and should’ve received it like others. read more
01 Sep 2020
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus
They delivered on time, got my new galaxy s10 plus for a really good price.
07 Jul 2020
Order was delivered on time.They have great deals and quality products too.
07 Jul 2020
snacks and crackers
Order received on time, they had a good price for kids snacks and crackers which we buy in bulk
07 Jul 2020
Dubai Marina
I ordered late night at 10PM from carrefour express delivery and I had products at 11.30PM and everything I needed for morning breakfast :)
02 Jul 2020
Great quality, awesome service .. delivery was on time. They used to have delays in the beginning of COVID-19 but it’s resolved it seems.
30 Jun 2020
Within a week, I had 2 very bad experiences with carrefour. - 1st one with a vacuum cleaner that I have bought in November 2019, that is not working anymore but still under warranty. I didn't keep the receipt but gave the date (10th of November and the amount I paid that day in shopping in Carrefour) and no one from the customer service did bother helping! only when I got upset, the Philippino guy pretending taking full details of the vacuum cleaner and pretended and told me he will call me but Nothing till now! -2nd, I bought a  read more
30 Mar 2020
Bedsheet king size
Pathetic service. Horrible customer care service. Their call centre never picks up the call. YOU can't reach them and if they pick up the phone they will just pass on the complaint to other person and the complaint will never be solved. It's been more than one month I ordered a bedsheet online but the size was not accurate so I mailed them the next day to send someone to take the bedsheet. No one replied to the email, after trying my luck on calling there customer care they promised that someone will come and pick up. It  read more
07 Mar 2020
we ordered the products via their app and other than our money being taken we did not receive any information on the delivery. On the 2nd day after placing the order, I tried to call the call centre number but it was not connecting. I then send them many messages through their online website but again no response. I don't think anybody even checks and its all put on the website for a show!! Anyways we finally got the order on the 4th day of placing the order and we found 1 item was missing ( not available) and the  read more
31 Jan 2020
Many things
If Is there was zero rating i would give them misery nasty service .. i ordered express and the delivery guy didnt want to come to my place and half of my order was cancelled !!! (as there trash delivery service divid ur orders into many packages) i called hundred of times till they answered me .. they cancelled my order automatically after i didnt receive half of my order and refund takes then 3 weeks !!!! Shhhitttt service
18 Dec 2019
LG refrigerator
I had purchased a LG refrigerator from the CARREFOUR app . The selected item that I chose was not the item on the order form which I did not notice due to the price of the large size fridge and the small fridge were similar . When the fridge got delivered I was unable to recieve it so my dad recieved it not knowing that it was the small fridge being setup by the delivery guys. Whe I got home I noticed that this is the incorrect item. I called thier call centre 5 times but was put on hold for over  read more
29 Oct 2019
if there is zero star i would use it, my order didn't came, they deducted the money, WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND MANAGEMENT, no one give update and when you are asking to speak to a manager they will tell you no manager is available. I should get my order yesterday between 2 to 4 pm and we are now next day 11 am and no update. WORST SERVICE EVEEEEEEEEER!!!!!!!
17 May 2019
Lot of item
Carrefour UAE, first they told me we are delivering your order from 8 to 10 ma nobody came, second told me someone will call you and your order will deliver as soon as possible but nobody delivered! Third I want to recall them but they switched off the customer service!!!dont buy here!!!
12 May 2019
They kept cancelling my order because I didn’t answer the phone because I was at work but I specifically told the customer service agent someone is always home,they rescheduled for the 3rd time but it never arrived. So I decided I will never buy from them because not convenient.
11 Mar 2019
baby formula
Delivered next day and had a really good price compared to others.
17 Nov 2018
Huawei Mate 20 Pro
Worst online shopping experience. Bought items on 1st November & received it after more than 10 follow up calls on 17th November. What makes it worst is that I received only 1 of the 3 items I was suppose to receive. Clueless in handling customer complaints & Big ZERO in customer satisfaction.
26 Aug 2018
Samsung Galaxy A8
My biggest mistake to buy from Carrefour online store. Worst customer support services, they do not provide actual status of the shipment, no tracking number..nothing!!! They always talk vague and play inter-departmental blame game. My order was supposed to be delivered within 2 working days but even after 5 working days I am still waiting for my order to be delivered. Customer service's reply "Unfortunately, we do not have update from the concerned department"!!!!!! Pathetic!!!
15 May 2018
The worst online purchase and the worst customer service hotline ever experienced. A real disaster : Disrespectful delivery staff hanging up the phone on customer. I will never purchase from Carrefour Online again.
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