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27 Jan 2019
huawei mate 20 pro
by Toufil
I made my order from jumbo verified account with my name Mobil number etc. the order was made with the same account name and the same name in credit card. after giving the order next day i receive email asking for my Emirates ID to verify. I send them the Emirates ID which is available in my system. unfortunately it was expired. even though they can verify the order is made by myself. they delayed the order only because of ID verification. I understand my order will delay further I cancelled my order and I made a new order with  read more
25 Jan 2019
Breo scalp massager
by Kamile
I'm very disappointed with this store (especially with staff in Al Wahda Mall). I ordered scalp massager. After 3 days it did not arrive (altought it was promised that it would arrive). Then I called them every day for 3 days (every time they said that it will arrive "tomorrow"). So, now I have no massager, leaving the country tonight and they're refusing to give back the money I already paid for massager. So, if you want to save time and money I advice NEVER to use JUMBO ELECTRONICS.
16 Jan 2018
Computer service
by Tim
I took my computer to Jumbo for computer repair - very slow and at times no boot. Also, battery not charging. Took one month to receive computer back - charged for new hard drive and new battery @ 1300 dhs. Battery not charged when picked up, but was told to charge at home and all will be good. Left UAE next day for one month trip away and found battery would not charge. Upon arrival back to UAE, took back to Jumbo to repair. Again, took 3 weeks plus to get computer back, with same battery problem. Left UAE for good day later,  read more
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Jumbo General Info

Delivery Info
Shipping Info
Free Shipping
Ships From
United Arab Emirates
Contact Information
PO 3426, Owner ESAG LLC, Karama, Bur Dubai
[email protected]
Other Notes
Collect from nearest store available. 5 Days No Fuss Exchange

Jumbo Return & Warranty Policies

Are returns permitted? What are the conditions and time limit?

Yes, but the device has to be Unopened and in packed condition. Returns not applicable to accessories, movie / gaming titles, toners, watches & personal care products, returns need to be within 5 days

Will I be refunded or given a store credit to buy something else from Jumbo?

Store Credit is given to the customer

If I return the item, who pays for shipping the item back? Are there any other fees I need to pay to return the item?

Customer has to return to showroom

How long will it take for me to get my refund from Jumbo?

Customer has to return to showroom

More info: http://www.jumbo.ae/customer-service/return-and-exchange

What malfunctions or product problems do Jumbo warranties cover?

Devices come with Manufacturer warranty(Ranging from 1-5 years depending on the brand / category) Customers can purchase Jumbo Extended warranty (1 or 2 years) at the time of purchase, The obligation of warranty rests with the manufacturer of the product and thus it depends on the manufacturer’s policies and Terms and Conditions.

If there is something wrong in the product which is under warrantee, how long will it take Jumbo to pick it up, fix it and deliver it back?

The repair period depends upon the authorized service center. However mostly devices can be expected to be repaired within 14 working days.

Who pays for shipping back and re-delivering the item?

user has to bring shipment to store and collect it

Can I return a product that has a malfunction and get my money back?

Only authorized Service Center can corroborate whether a device has malfunctioned and then recommend future course of action. The Service Center can either authorize a unit replacement or a credit note. If device is replaced then warranty is applicable from the original date of purchase. If Credit Note is approved then it can to be redeemed within 6 months

If an item I ordered turned out to be malfunctioning and Jumbo doesn’t have any other in stock to replace it, what happens then?

Contact Customer Care

More info:http://www.jumbo.ae/customer-service/service-and-warranty

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