Is the iPhone 6S eating away off of Samsung's flagship smartphones?

Is the iPhone 6S eating away off of Samsung’s flagship smartphones?

In the battle of flagship smartphones, Samsung and Apple continue the fierce competition, much to our delight. Consumers are enjoying great innovations coming out of both brands.

We’ve crunched our search data on during 2015 to produce the graph above, showing consumer interest in each month of 2015 for each top-end smartphone. Some interesting insights jump out:

1. The Galaxy Note 4 continues to garner interest among consumers despite it being more than a year old and despite the release of the Galaxy Note 5 late July. Shoppers are as much interested about the Note 4 as they are about the newer generation Samsung Galaxy S6.

2. The release of the Galaxy Note 5 ate away of the Galaxy S6’s interest, much more than it did on the Note 4.

3. The iPhone 6 showed hardly any loss of interest during 2015. Apple phones stand the test of time much more than Samsungs and its prices don’t drop as fast as Samsung’s.

3. The release of the iPhone 6S in September 2015 crushed Samsung’s relative share in flagship phones (although Samsung sells many other smarpthones at different price ranges).

And here’s a more detailed analysis of the top 20 most wanted phones. Blue is Samsung’s models, green is iPhone models.

Most popular smartphones in the UAE in 2015 -

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